Partners in Service


We are the missionaries from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, or, the Mormon church. We walk around with our little name tags looking to come across someone who would like to hear our message, but we also love service! We love to show up and help in the community as much as possible, and I guess a few years back, a couple of missionaries ran into Bob, where they quickly learned about Annies Kitchen! They soon showed up to help and even with new missionaries coming in and replacing the last, we have passed down the word and showed up as much as possible ever since! We have all been able to learn so much from working alongside these wonderful people who obviously love their fellow family and friends in their community. They have taught us everything from what a papaya is, to how to make an apple salad! It’s been awesome! It is such a blessing to have a hand in helping the people of Annies Kitchen work in this wonderful, charitable act towards all those in need. We look forward to coming every week and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

-Edlers Case, Moulton, Taylor, Hess, Gerber, Hubbard and Warburton