The gleshopping cartaning team is a critical and integral part of Annie’s Kitchen. 7 days a week, volunteer crews from Edmonds Lutheran make rounds to a dozen or so grocery stores, coffee shops and delis in the area. There they collect the “throw-away” or items that are no longer eligible for sale. What is not used for the weekly meal at Annie’s Kitchen is delivered and donated to food banks in the area, as close as Edmonds and as far as Wenatchee. Volunteer gleaners invest an average of 80 hours per week to make this happen.

bob300Snyder’s dedication to ELC’s growing gleaning program has led the gathering of two tons of food every week, food that is distributed and shared with hundreds of families, food that  otherwise might have been thrown away. Snyder’s gleaning program is a critical part of the mission of Annie’s Kitchen and because of his dedication and that of his many volunteers, the organization operates with close to 100% donated food.

If you would like to join our gleaning team, email us.