John Owen and Rozella Kleven Bless ACK Donors

john owen tugboat cook2

John Owen has been a tugboat chef for nearly a decade. Working a split shift from 4.30 am-7.00 pm, John cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a crew of 11-20, 7 days a week. He has been working for Crowley Marine Services in Valdez, Alaska for 10 years. A couple of times a year he drops down to the lower 48, and this is when you will have an amazing meal at Annie’s Kitchen. “About 5 years ago, Bob Snyder met me at the gym, and when he found out I was a chef, he roped me in!” said John.


John came back to Annie’s Kitchen on Wednesday, April 8, to make his famous chocolate chip, M&M cookies. John and Rozella spent the morning baking dozens and dozens of cookies, which were than packaged and delivered to some of our loyal donors who supply the food and other items that keep Annie’s Community Kitchen running. Thank you so much, John and Rozella, for your time and baking talents!