Celebrating 11Years of Service


Congratulations and thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters; Annie’s Community Kitchen celebrates 11 years of dedicated service!

Annie’s Community Kitchen is a service of Edmonds Lutheran Church, that provides a delicious, hot and free community meal, every Wednesday evening from 5:00-6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the church. The meal is always well attended and is so successful because of a committed group of volunteers that collectively donate dozens of hours to make this meal so enjoyable and nourishing. We would love for you to come and join us, to participate in the preparation of the meal, or just to enjoy a great dinner among friends.Come as you are…we would love to see you this Wednesday!


Congratulations Jimmy!




Jimmy has been a volunteer at Annie’s Kitchen for years and years. He comes faithfully to set up tables and chairs every week. Jimmy recently traveled to Wenatchee with his basketball team to compete in the Special Olympics. Hard work and determination paid off and the team came back with the silver medal! Friends at Annie’s Kitchen recognized Jimmy for his service, hard work and determination. Congratulations Jimmy for this amazing accomplishment, you have made us all so proud!

Lydia’s story

“When you reap your harvest in your field and have forgotten a sheaf in the field, you shall not go back to get it; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow, in order that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. “When you beat your olive tree, you shall not go over the boughs again; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow. “When you gather the grapes of your vineyard, you shall not go over it again; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow. – Deuteronomy 24:19-21

Lydia has been a long-time gleaner with Edmonds Lutheran Church. She has a deep-seated conviction that comes from childhood memories of gleaning under the cover of night. Not even old enough to enter school, she spent her nights sneaking into a neighboring field, being mindful to keep hidden from farmers and landowners, fumbling in the blinding darkness, digging through the earth for a single potato or whatever she might find to eat. “It was a very happy day when I could come home with two or three small potatoes. My father was off fighting in the war. We didn’t even know where he was, perhaps in Russia, maybe Germany. My mother was left alone to raise my sister and I. When we each had our own potato, it was a feast.” I remember my mother weeping when she would help me get dressed or help me bathe, she would poke at my protruding ribs and she would whisper, “my daughter is starving”. I tried my best to comfort her. I would often lie to her, saying “mom, don’t worry, I ate lunch at the neighbors” or “so and so gave me an apple”. I thought I was being so clever, but my mother knew better. She knew that all our neighbors were nearly starving too.”

Growing up in Munich, Germany in the early 1940’s, worrying about where your next meal would come from was far too common. Lydia was only 2 years old when World War II commenced, and with it, the disappearance of almost every commodity needed to sustain human life. Memories of standing in long queues for a ration of oil or milk, memories of passing time and holding her breath in underground shelters while US bombs ravaged her home; those memories bring her back each week to serve, to make sure that precious food is not wasted and that no one leaves the church hungry. “My mother was venturing outside of town to a farther field, hoping to find food. She got on her bicycle, which was the only transportation we had. As she pedaled down the road, a large lorry passed by, she grabbed the back of the lorry and let it tow her quickly down the road. When the driver saw her, he became enraged, he pressed on the gas and began swerving back and forth, accelerating higher and higher, until she could no longer hold on, she went flying off her bicycle and crashed into the bushes on the side of the road. A kind-hearted stranger found her later on, battered and bruised, lying in the bushes, he carried her home. We were so lucky that she survived. So many years later as I recall these things, I am amazed at the risks she took to make sure we had food to eat.

Munich was badly wounded, but as the war settled, American GI’s began filling the streets. Passing out chewing gum and waving at passers-by and smiling to the children. A young American soldier passed by as my mother was scrubbing our clothes in a bucket on the sidewalk. He didn’t speak German and she, no English. But with a little sign-language we agreed that in exchange for my mom washing his laundry, he would bring us food. The trade was not for money. Money was useless. What’s the purpose of having money when the stores are either in a heap or rubble or all their shelves are bare? So once a week, this nice young man would bring his bag of laundry for my mom  and in exchange, he would give her a cake of “Palmolive” soap, bananas and oranges, which we had never seen before. He also brought “Hersheys” chocolate. When he gave us the first piece, I was very perplexed. I had never seen chocolate, it was brown and ugly and I didn’t want it. But when my mother said “Lydia, just put a little piece on your tongue to taste,” I couldn’t believe it! It was wonderful, the most amazing treat!

These childhood memories, while painful, taught us some of the most profound life lessons that simply cannot be learned from a book. Hunger in your belly is like a war. Food, like safety and security is a basic human right.

Thank you Royal Caribbean


Thank you to everyone at Royal Caribbean for their generous in-kind donation of valuable cookware, appliances and tools. It is businesses like yours that keep Annie’s Kitchen operating and serving our community! Special thanks to Yoko Gunderson, Environmental Officer and Royal Caribbean’s Food and Beverage Director. Bless you all!


Thank you Lexus!


Lexus of Seattle in Lynnwood has been a long-time supporter of community based organizations in our neighborhood.

They recently donated a 2012 Nissan Van to Annie’s Community Kitchen at Edmonds Lutheran Church.

Annie’s Community Kitchen (www.annieskitchen.edmondslutheran.org) serves a free meal at Edmonds Lutheran Church from 5-6:30 pm every Wednesday night. The program receives its supplies and foodstuffs from a team of gleaners that collects nearly three thousand pounds of food every week. The food is collected by volunteers, used for the community meal, and the rest is distributed to other local food banks and feeding programs.

Edmonds Lutheran’s gleaners have a van that goes out seven days a week to collect these food donations. Lexus has been donating maintenance on the van for years. But recently, Brad Castonguay, General Manager of Lexus of Seattle in Lynnwood told Annie’s Kitchen volunteers, “The repairs on this van are just getting to be too expensive. I think I have a solution for you.”

Soon after that, Bob Snyder, the co-founder of Annie’s Kitchen rolled into Lexus to see a beautiful, clean van with minimal miles on it. Brad gave him the keys. “I think this will work much better for you,” Brad said with a smile.

Working on faith and a shoestring budget, Snyder was speechless. “Every morning before I would fire up our old van, I would say a little prayer that it would start. So many people are counting on us, and if the van breaks down, our program comes to a halt. I don’t know if we can ever express the gratitude we feel to Brad and his team at Lexus.

Annie’s Community Kitchen welcomes everyone, we serve a free hot and delicious meal every Wednesday night, 5-6:30 pm at Edmonds Lutheran Church
23525 84th Ave W, Edmonds, WA 98026
Free and open to all – Everyone is Welcome

Featuring Zoe Pitts!



Zoe is one of our youngest and most talented volunteers at Annie’s Kitchen! Originally from Idaho, 11-year old Zoe is here with her grandpa Wayne and grandma Laverne for the summer. Zoe says she has alot of experience cooking and baking from home and it sure shows! She can slice and dice as fast as anybody in the kitchen! Thanks so much, Zoe for all you do!

Thank you Hazel Miller Foundation!


Thanks to the Hazel Miller Foundation, a good chunk of Annie’s Kitchen electricity bill has been relieved. The local foundation recently gave Annie’s Kitchen a grant for $10,000.00 towards the purchase and installation of solar panels on the roof of Edmonds Lutheran Church. It’s making a big difference in the bills and it’s also a sends a great message to the community of Edmonds about renewable energy options.

The Hazel Miller Foundation, established as a trust by Mrs. Miller, is dedicated to serving the citizens of Edmonds and South Snohomish County, Washington. Hazel and her husband, Morris Miller, were commited members of the Edmonds’ community.

The Foundation’s mission is to support programs and projects that serve the public’s benefit, especially in the areas of education and youth services, poverty alleviation and hunger, civic and community services and amenities, the environment, and culture and the arts.

Deepest Gratitude to everyone on the Board at the Hazel Miller Foundation!!!

DSHS Mobile COS coming to Annie’s Kitchen

mobile cos

The Department of Social and Health Services’ Mobile Community Services Office will be at Edmonds Lutheran Church on Wednesday, Feb. 24, from 3-6:30 pm.

The 40-foot truck includes a reception area, interview stations, a sun shade for protection from the elements or extra space, and a mechanical lift as an option for access instead of the stairs.

Those visiting the mobile office are invited to enjoy dinner at Annie’s Community Kitchen and then sit with DSHS personal and determine if you qualify for medical, food and cash assistance. You can also drop off paperwork, complete an Eligibility Review, Mid-Certification Review or make changes to an existing case.

Edmonds Lutheran Church is located at 23525 84th Ave. W. in Edmonds.

Team Lexus!

Thank you so much to Lexus of Seattle in Edmonds for giving the gleaning van a complete tune-up and for installing new parts, all at no cost. The van drives like new!  THANK YOU!team lexus